Triple Lab Tested®

Each batch of our hemp oil undergoes high quality testing at three points in the production process.


When the oil is extracted from the hemp plant.


When the oil arrives from our source in Europe and clears U.S. Customs


After formulation into our line of award-winning products.

When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance. We test every batch of our oil throughout our manufacturing process. This ensures that you get the levels of natural constituents you expect from Dixie Botanicals® CBD hemp oil products. Additionally, all our products are tested for safety to ensure that there are no solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful contaminants in our hemp oil.

Because we take these steps, we are always confident in the integrity of our products – and you can be too.


Your safety and satisfaction are paramount in every decision Dixie Botanicals® makes.

All of the non-GMO hemp plants used in creating our CBD oil products are grown free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. After they are extracted using safe supercritical CO2, we examine our hemp oil to ensure both its safety and consistency using the industry’s strictest testing process, our Triple Lab Tested® standard, in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited testing labs.

Our quality control is so thorough that our testing lab in the U.S., Pro Verde Laboratories.