Your Guide to Dabbing

November 20, 2017

Dabbing, a method of vaporizing cannabis concentrates, has become the rage in the past few years largely due to its high potency and fast activation of effects.

The Dixie Botanicals® line of products includes a number of CBD oil concentrates that allow you to dab your CBD. Here, we have compiled everything to know about dabbing CBD so you can get started with confidence.

More About Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are created by extracting cannabis oil from the plant itself. In the case of Dixie Botanicals®, we extract our cannabis oil from the hemp plant, producing an extract that is high in CBD with only trace levels of CBD.

The extraction process can be done using a number of methods and with a variety of solvents, each presenting its own advantages and limitations. Dixie Botanicals® chooses to extract its CBD hemp oil using safe supercritical CO2 to protect you from potential contamination.

Cannabis concentrates can take a number of forms, depending on how the cannabis oil is processed after extraction.

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Isolate undergoes a proprietary refinement process to create a 99% pure powdered CBD. You control the potency and ratio of our CBD isolate by dabbing as is or mixing with other cannabis extracts.

What is Dabbing?

One of the fastest-growing methods for consuming cannabis oil, dabbing flash-vaporizes cannabis concentrates for consumption. Cannabis concentrate is dabbed (i.e., a little “dab” is placed) onto a hot surface, and the resulting smoke-free vapor is inhaled. This can be done using a uniquely adapted water pipe, or “dab rig”.

How to Dab

Before starting to dab cannabis concentrates, you need to acquire some specialized equipment that will allow you to take advantage of the concentrated vapor from cannabis extracts.

What do I need to dab?

  • Cannabis concentrates or “dabs” of your choice. You can shop for CBD dabs in the HempMeds® store.
  • A nail – the surface you heat to vaporize your dab. Popular materials include titanium, quartz, and ceramic.
  • A special water pipe or “dab rig” with a fitting for a nail.
  • A dabber, often metal or glass, used to apply a dab to a hot nail.
  • A blowtorch, used to heat your nail. Torches are now available specifically for dabbing in a range of sizes and styles.


  • Carb cap, placed over your nail after dab is applied to capture lost vapor.
  • Glass dome, placed around a hot nail before dabbing to prevent lost vapor.
  • Electric nail – an electric-powered coil that continuously heats your nail, removing the need for a torch.

Steps to Dabbing:

Once you have everything you need to start dabbing, the process is much simpler than it initially appears.

Most consumers of cannabis concentrate will first load a dab onto their dabber and set it aside. This ensures it will be ready to use before your nail cools once again.

CBD load dab on dabber

Using your torch, heat your nail until it begins to turn red. Be careful not to overheat your nail, especially when working with quartz, to avoid potential damage. A typical heat range for a dab will be between 500°-800°.

There is some debate over the ideal temperature at which to dab cannabis concentrates. While a hotter nail will more fully vaporize your dab, a lower temperature dab will provide more flavor and a smoother hit.

112017 Step 2 Intro to Dabbing Lowering dan onto nail

You will then want to dab your extract onto your hot nail. To do this, repeated tap and/or place your dabber on your nail’s hot spot. Watch your dabber and nail to see if your dab is vaporizing properly and adjust your dabber’s positioning until all your extract is vaporized.

loaded nail

While your extract melts and vaporizes, inhale from the mouthpiece to draw the vapor up through the water in your dab rig and into your lungs, hold for a moment, and exhale.

Be sure not to touch the hot nail during or after your dab. It can stay extremely hot well after you have finished your dab.

Because dabbing rapidly introduces high levels of CBD to your system, it has become the method of choice for many looking to quickly support their endocannabinoid system.

Benefits of Dabbing

Dabbing concentrates has increased in popularity due in large part to its benefits:

  • Fastest method of consumption available
  • Heightened levels of cannabinoids
  • Increased cannabinoid bioavailability
  • Little to no plant material

Get started dabbing your CBD oil by shopping the HempMeds® online store today.