What to Know When Buying CBD Online

April 27, 2018

Buying CBD online can seem mind-boggling at first. Here’s how to make sure you buy a safe and high-quality CBD product that aligns with your needs.

With so many new CBD manufacturers popping up, it can feel staggering trying to find the right company and product for you. And it’s true — not all CBD products are created equal.

We’re here to help you maneuver through the abundance of confusing and contradicting information about CBD. This online CBD shopping guide will help point you in the right direction to high quality and safe CBD.

Here’s what to keep in mind as you go to buy CBD online.

The Hemp: How and Where is it Grown?

CBD oil comes from the stalks and seeds of hemp, the non-psychoactive and versatile variety of cannabis. As you look to buy CBD products online, keep in mind that how the hemp plant is grown is crucial to the safety and quality of the final product.

Dixie Botanicals® works with a collective of 750 family farms in the Netherlands. After examining over 3,000 different varieties, our team of researchers identified the ideal non-GMO hemp strain that would provide the optimal amounts of CBD while flourishing in European climates.

When buying CBD online, you always want to check to see whether the manufacturer imposes growing and harvesting standards. You’ll notice some manufacturers opt to grow their hemp using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Our families of farmers instead use centuries-old cultivation practices to grow our hemp without any of these dangerous chemicals that can contaminate the products.

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The Extraction: How is the CBD Pulled from the Plant?

Manufacturers have several methods to choose from for extracting the CBD oil from the hemp plant. When buying your CBD products online, check to see whether the company uses chemical solvents like butane, hexane, and acetone, which can linger in the oil if not purged correctly, making the CBD product toxic and dangerous.

Dixie Botanicals® uses a supercritical CO2 process to safely and carefully extract the CBD oil from our plants. This process is nontoxic and nonflammable, so it offers greater safety and stability than other extraction methods. Supercritical CO2 also does very little damage to the compounds, which is why it’s the go-to method in the food industry.

The Testing: Is the CBD Examined for Safety & Quality?

It’s impossible to downplay how crucial testing the quality and safety of CBD oil is. When you shop for CBD products online, ask the manufacturer whether they’ll produce testing certificates. Reputable and trustworthy CBD companies will happily provide you with testing results, ideally from an independent, third-party lab.

All CBD products from Dixie Botanicals® undergoes our rigorous Triple Lab Tested® process. Three separate times throughout manufacturing, our CBD hemp oil is examined to make sure that it contains the optimal amount of CBD and that it’s free of outside contaminants like microbes, mold, and heavy metals. With our CBD products, you know they’ve been checked over by an independent ISO/IEC 170025:2005 accredited lab.

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3 Traps to Avoid When Buying CBD Online

When buying CBD online, doing your homework is necessary. Keep an eye out for these three common traps you can make sure you end up with safe and high-quality CBD.

1. Making medical claims is a red flag.

Be wary if the manufacturer you’re considering makes claims that their CBD products can treat medical conditions or symptoms. Reputable and respectful CBD companies won’t do this, because doing so is in violation of the FDA guidelines.

Dixie Botanicals® always complies with FDA regulations. You won’t find us endorsing our CBD oil for any specific medical benefit beyond natural health and wellness. Personal research and discussions with your doctor are the best way for deciding whether CBD is right for you.

2. No clear label? That’s a problem.

Every CBD product should feature a clearly designed, easily understandable label. That label should tell you specifically how much CBD a serving contains. You’ll find some manufacturers skirt by, listing only the amount of hemp extract or cannabinoid content a product has, rather than being forthcoming with CBD content.

Labels should also clearly list any ingredients other than CBD oil that are in a CBD product. That way you can make sure there aren’t any that are questionable or conflict with your dietary restrictions. Ideally, labels also provide you with information on how to best use and store the product.

All CBD products from Dixie Botanicals® feature clear product labels that fully list their all-natural ingredients and CBD content. Our labels also provide you with information on standard serving size, expected shelf life, and how to best preserve your CBD oil.

3. Consider the value of experience and proven reliability.

With CBD hot in demand, more and more CBD retailers have jumped into the market looking to take advantage. They may make questionable claims and promises, and in some cases lack any type of quality and safety standards and processes.

Going with a CBD manufacturer with a reliable track record and some degree of longevity is key to ensuring you get safe and high-quality CBD. Dixie Botanicals® is one of the most recognizable CBD brands in the world. We helped pioneer the growing CBD product industry and were the first to create quality control processes for hemp oil products.

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3 Considerations to Ensure You Choose the Right CBD Product

Once you identify a reliable CBD manufacturer, next you’ll want to consider a few factors that may be important to you as you buy your CBD product online.


Potency refers to the concentration of CBD in a product. Not all CBD products contain the same level of CBD. Some customers prefer a high potency product, like Dixie Botanicals® CBD Isolate, that they take once or twice a day. Others prefer a lower potency product that they take several times throughout the day, like our Dew Drop tinctures.

Need some help figuring out how much CBD you should take?


The best CBD product for you is one that you feel comfortable budgeting for each month. A product’s CBD potency can influence its price, as well as how much processing and packaging are put into the final product.

Our lowest priced products, like our Dew Drop tinctures, offer a great starting point at $29.99. However, we offer competitive prices on all our CBD products.

Delivery Method

There are various ways to take CBD products. Finding the best consumption method for you often means identifying the one that best fits into your already established routine.

For those who prefer to vape or dab, Dixie Botanicals® CBD Isolate concentrates are a good choice. Those looking for the most convenient method often opt for CBD tinctures, CBD vape oil, or CBD energy chews.

You can even apply CBD oil topically to address troubled skin spots and sore joints and muscles. Dixie Botanicals® Salvation Balm is designed to be massaged right into the skin for targeted nourishment.

Learn more about the various ways to take CBD.

THC or no THC?

Hemp-derived CBD naturally contains only trace levels of THC, far less than the amount needed to cause a high. Many CBD consumers prefer full-spectrum CBD oil products that retain the miniscule amounts of THC. Others may want to stay away from THC altogether, perhaps because of work or athletic organization compliance concerns.

CBD products can come with and without THC. Our Dew Drop tinctures retain the natural constituents and compounds of hemp, including THC. Our CBD Isolate and CBD Kicks are made with CBD isolate so they contain non-detectable amounts of THC.

Learn more about the differences between CBD products with and without THC.

Where to Buy CBD Online

You’ll find our entire line of safe and high-quality Dixie Botanicals® CBD oil products that vary in potency, price, and consumption method in the HempMeds® online shop. With such variety, you’ll easily find a CBD product that works best for you.