Unconventional Athletes: Wok Racers

March 28, 2019

To some, wok racing may seem “unconventional.” Learn about this wild ice sport and what it has to do with CBD.

It is true that CBD is going mainstream, partly thanks to athletes who have helped spread the word of its many benefits. Still, there remains some misunderstanding of the compound and how it effects the body, which can make people hesitant to try CBD for the first time. Some may even call taking CBD as “unconventional.”

That’s why, as the first company to create mainstream hemp-based CBD products, we at Dixie Botanicals® appreciate those who are unconventional. In our ongoing “Unconventional Athletes” series, we pay tribute to the unique yet forward-thinking and driven athletes who compete in an offbeat sport.

This week, we highlight wok racers, who race downhill in frying pans as fast as they can.

What is Wok Racing?

Started as a bet by German television host Stefan Raab, wok racing has grown into a wild ice sport in which racers hurtle down Olympic bobsled tracks in round-bottomed Chinese woks.

As with any race, the fastest wok racer to make it to the finish line wins. Similar to bobsledding, there are both individual and team wok racing competitions. A single wok racer will ride on a one-person woksled. A team of four races on a four-person woksled, which is essentially two pairs of woks linked together in wooden frames.

Wok racing appeals to winter-loving adrenaline seekers, attracted by flying down chutes of ice at high speeds. With potential disaster always a split second away, single wok racers can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, while a team of four can clock 75 miles per hour. As you can imagine, wok racers have to shield themselves from injury with heavy protective gear, similar to what a hockey player would wear.

The woks used for wok racing are essentially ordinary round-bottomed Chinese pans that have their bottoms reinforced with an epoxy filling and edges coated with polyurethane foam. Wok racers will often times use a blowlamp to heat the underside of their work just prior to the race to try to catch more speed.

Since 2003, the best wok racers have gathered to compete in the annual World Wok Racing Championships. The popular televised event attracts all types of wok racing competitors, including former Olympic athletes, actors, television hosts, and musical artists.

An “Unconventional Product”: CBD

Like racing over ice on a wok, taking CBD is considered by some to be unconventional. And yet, more and more athletes are discovering how CBD can help them reach their peak performance and recover more quickly.

Derived from cannabis plants like hemp, CBD is a plant-derived cannabinoid that can augment the body’s own endocannabinoids to support the endocannabinoid system, a crucial signaling network that keeps many important functions balanced and running optimally.

For athletes, a balanced body means greater performance and faster recovery. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, thereby supporting its efforts to keep functions regulated. A well-operating endocannabinoid system allows you to physically perform at a higher level and to recharge faster after a strenuous workout.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can easily incorporate hemp-derived CBD into their routine. Hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal in the U.S., and they are non-intoxicating, which means they won’t slow you down or impact your coordination or reaction time.


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*Wok Team Image by Andreas Cappell.