Unconventional Athletes: Winter Sports Edition

December 18, 2018

To some, taking CBD may seem “unconventional.” That’s why we’ve been paying tribute to the unique yet driven athletes who compete in offbeat sports and events. Check out these wild, “unconventional” winter sports.

You are no doubt familiar with most traditional winter season sports. During that time of the year when temperatures drop, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and sledding are popular snow or ice activities. Today, however, we are going to celebrate athletes who partake in less well-known wintertime sports, or as we like to call, “unconventional” winter athletes.

Unconventional is a characteristic we at Dixie Botanicals® appreciate. That’s because one might consider you unconventional if you take CBD products to naturally boost performance and encourage faster recovery.

In our ongoing “Unconventional Athletes” series, we highlight athletes who create their own athletic lane and are driven by their own definition of greatness. Read about these thrilling and adventurous winter sports, and what they have to do with CBD.

Unconventional Winter Sports

Since we’re in the thick of wintertime, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the unconventional athletes who participate in three of some of the most offbeat winter sports and competitions we could find: Skijoring, Yukigassen, and ice diving.

What is Skijoring?

Have you ever heard of skijoring? If not, think of it as water skiing but on snow. Plus, instead of being towed by a boat, you’re pulled by a horse, dogs, or motor vehicle. This wild winter event often time includes jumps and slaloms, as athletes try to complete courses between 3 miles and 12 miles long as fast as possible.

Skijoring, pronounced ski-yoring, is thought to have gotten its start in Scandinavia and Alaska several hundred years ago. Initially, it was used as a mode of transportation in snowy areas. Since then, it’s evolved into a thrilling cooperative sport that employs the athleticism of both skier and animal.

skijoring sport

What is Yukigassen?

If you grew up in a snowy area, there is no doubt that you have played some version of this next winter season sport. Yukigassen, Japanese for “snow battle,” takes snowball fights to a new level.

Yukigassen, pronounced you-key-goss-en, is often likened to capture the flag. Two teams made up of seven players decked out in helmets and face shields attempt to capture their opponent’s flag while dodging thrown snowballs. Each team is given 90 snowballs in advance, and players are eliminated if they’re hit. Courses feature barriers that players can take shelter behind.

The team with the player who successfully acquires the opposing team’s flag before getting hit by a snowball wins!

Yukigassen game

What is Ice Diving?

Ice diving appeals to thrill-seeking athletes who like their sporting events with a little danger. This adventurous winter activity involves scuba diving in frozen lakes or rivers while trapped below ice sheets in freezing-cold water.

Extreme and challenging, ice diving requires special procedures and equipment to be done safely. Divers are typically limited to a single entry and exit point, so in most cases they’re tethered so that a surface team monitoring them can pull them to the surface if needed.

ice diving basics

CBD: An “Unconventional” Training Tool

Like skijoring, Yukigassen and ice diving, taking CBD is considered by many to be unconventional. But if you’ve experienced the rejuvenating benefits of adding CBD products to your training regimen, you know how CBD can help naturally boost athletic performance and improve recovery.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from cannabis plants such as hemp. CBD helps keep your body running at its best by supporting the performance of your endocannabinoid system, a major signaling network that keeps many functions in balance.

Your endocannabinoid system is constantly working to keep a wide array of functions in homeostasis. We’re talking about functions that are crucial to you being able to perform at a high level and recover after strenuous workouts. Functions like immune response, metabolism and energy balance, sleep, appetite, and mood are all kept in check by the endocannabinoid system.

Once absorbed by the body, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body. This stimulates your endocannabinoid system, thereby supporting its efforts to keep your body’s functions running optimally.

Yes, CBD may be considered unconventional, but more and more athletes are discovering this exciting cannabinoid and incorporating it into their training programs.

cbd for athletes

Add CBD to Your Training

Dixie Botanicals® is the first company to create mainstream hemp-based CBD products. Our top-quality CBD is available in an array of forms that align with an athlete’s life.

Some favorites include our flavored or lightly sweetened CBD tinctures, our convenient and quick-acting CBD vape oil, and our nourishing CBD topical salve.

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