Unconventional Athletes: Ice Boaters

February 22, 2019

Ice boaters race across frozen waters at freeway-level speeds. Learn about these unconventional winter athletes and their connection to CBD.

While it is true that CBD use has surged in popularity among athletes, let’s be honest– taking the all-natural cannabinoid is still considered “unconventional” by many.

That’s why we at Dixie Botanicals® — the first company to create mainstream hemp-based CBD products — appreciate all the unconventional athletes out there – from cycle ballers to mountain bikers to death divers. Those of you who strive for your own definition of greatness rather than be confined by traditional thinking inspire us. Like you, we’re trying to reach our own peak.

In our ongoing series, “Unconventional Athletes,” we spotlight forward-thinking and open-minded competitors who are pushing themselves to meet their own self-definition of athletic success.

With snow falling and cold weather impacting many areas throughout the U.S., we think it’s an ideal time to highlight the daredevil athletes who zoom across ice at near-freeway speeds on steel runners. Have you heard of ice boaters?

What is Ice Boating?

Ice boating, sometimes called ice yachting, is a winter sport that involves sailing and racing over ice in boats that are modified with skates, or runners.

People have been riding boats over ice for over 400 years. First developed in Europe, ice boating started out as simply a way to safely travel across ice. The thrilling activity then made its way west in the 1870s and today, there are many active ice sailing clubs in the United States and Canada.

No longer are ice boaters using their modified boats for transportation only. This wild activity has since developed into a thrilling sport, with ice boaters racing at high speeds around an oval-shaped ice courses. While ice boats are strictly wind powered, under the ideal conditions they can achieve speeds of around 55 miles per hour. The fastest ice boating speed every recorded was a mind-blowing 68 miles per hour!

Ice boat races typically take place on an ice course with two fixed marks that the boats then round using a one-way route. The courses are deliberately set up so that the boats first travel upwind and then back downwind. All the boats begin organized in a row, as if lined up at a starting line. To reduce crashes, boats right of center start out going to the right and boats left of center take off toward the left. Once they pass the first buoy mark, they can go to either side.

Each boat must round the upwind mark and then scream downwind to the downwind mark, or that first buoy. After multiple laps, the number varying by race, they sprint to the finish line.

This week was the 2019 Gold Cup finals, an annual ice boating race event put on by the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association. The event gathered hundreds of competitors from around the world, who raced around a two-mile lap course. Winning first place in four out of six races, Michael Burzynski of Poland won in the Gold Fleet. Americans Dave Clapp and Chad Coberly won the Silver and Bronze Fleets, respectively.

Ice Boating Race

CBD, an Unconventional Supplement

Our CBD (cannabidiol) products fit right in with ice boaters and other unconventional athletes who are striving for their own definition of greatness. CBD, or cannabidiol, helps all types of athletes perform physically at their peak and recover more quickly by supporting the body’s own systems.

Derived from cannabis, CBD supports the body’s endocannabinoid system and its efforts to keep crucial functions in balance. Processes like sleep, immune system response, mood, coordination, and more run optimally when the endocannabinoid system is at its best. For athletes, a well-running endocannabinoid system means greater performance and faster recovery.

Plus, CBD is not intoxicating, which means athletes can incorporate CBD products into their routines without having to worry about them temporarily impacting their coordination or reaction time.

This is why so many athletes have started to add CBD products to their training. Dixie Botanicals® has an array of CBD products that are ideal for athletes, including:

Get Started with CBD

No matter what type of unconventional sport or activity you partake in, CBD can help you be at your personal best. Learn more about the benefits of CBD through our blog, or visit the Dixie Botanicals® online shop to get started with CBD today.

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