This Year’s 10 Best 420 Quotes by Athletes

April 19, 2019

More athletes than ever have embraced the benefits of cannabis for promoting performance and recovery. In celebration of 4/20, check out these 10 best cannabis quotes by athletes from the past year.

Celebrate 4/20 this year with 10 of the best cannabis quotes from athletes of the year.

1. Samantha Tucker, U.S. Paralympic Athlete

Samantha Tucker CBD

U.S. Paralympic athlete Samantha Tucker used an unfortunate accident to become a world-class athlete. The U.S. Air Force Veteran now competes in USA Archery’s national events, shooting in the compound women’s open category. In a press release earlier this month, she talked about how being an amputee and an archer puts tension on her shoulders, arm, and hand, and discussed how CBD helps her push through to maximize her performance.

2. Martellus Bennett, Former NFL Tight End

Martellus Bennett Cannabis

Former American football tight end Martellus Bennett has been very open about the prevalence of cannabis use in the NFL, despite it being in violation of league rules. He made this headline-generating quote during an interview with Bleacher Report last year, after hosts Chris Simms and Adam Lefkoe asked about players in the league using cannabis for recovery.

3. Ricky Williams, Former NFL Running Back

Ricky Williams Cannabis

Recognized as a pro-cannabis for athletes pioneer, Ricky Williams has openly admitted to regularly using cannabis throughout his 12-season career for health and recovery purposes. His efforts to spread the word about the benefits of cannabis to more athletes continues today, as displayed in this quote taken from an interview with NBC San Diego last year.

4. Marvin Washington, Former NFL Defensive Lineman

Marvin Washington Cannabis

An NFL defensive lineman for 11 seasons, Marvin Washington is now an advocate for cannabis and an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. In this recent quote, taken from an interview with the Press Democrat, Washington was discussing how today he microdoses CBD, an increasingly popular consumption technique that involves taking small servings of a CBD product throughout the day.

5. Joe Montana, Former NFL Quarterback

Joe Montana Cannabis

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, also known as “Joe Cool” and “The Comeback Kid, played in the NFL for 16 seasons. The former San Francisco 49ers star this year announced he was investing in the cannabis industry, citing beliefs that it can be beneficial to many people. In this recent quote, taken from Forbes, Montana was discussing the need for the NFL to evolve in its stance on cannabis.

6. Brock Cannon, Elite Ultra Endurance Athlete

Brock Cannon CBD

Wellness junkie and vegan ultra-endurance athlete Brock Cannon openly discusses how microdosing cannabis aids in his training, recovery, and performance. This quote was taken from an article he wrote for NORML Athletics, in which he shared how he believes incorporating cannabis into his training has made his workouts and runs stronger.

7. Cullen Jenkins, Former NFL Defensive Tackle

Cullen Jenkins Cannabis

Remembered as a defensive force, ex-NFLer Cullen Jenkins has since turned to the natural benefits of CBD. Jenkins, whose body endured tons of strain throughout his 13-year professional football career, has talked about how cannabis has helped boost his overall health and well-being since he retired. In this quote, taken from a recent interview with Forbes, Jenkins celebrates the growing acknowledgment of cannabis’s potential benefits for football players.

8. Javiar Collins, Former NFL Offensive Tackle

Javiar Collins Cannabis

Six-year NFL offensive tackle Javiar Collins now regularly advocates for the research and education of cannabis. Speaking with Forbes earlier this year, Collins encouraged his former league to let players use hemp-derived CBD since its legal status was clarified with the passage of the Farm Bill in December.

9. Matt Barners, Former NBA Player

Matt Barnes Cannabis

Matt Barnes has since become a cannabis hero since retiring from the NBA in 2017. The former small forward played 14 seasons in the NBA, and has since claimed that all his best games came after he used cannabis. In this quote, taken from an August interview with Leafly, Barnes talks about what he hopes to accomplish with his cannabis advocacy.

10. Tiki Barber, Former NFL Running Back

Tiki Barber Cannabis

Former Pro Bowler Tiki Barber has not said whether he used cannabis during his 10-year NFL career, but has acknowledged to using CBD-infused products since retiring. Today, he realizes the potential benefits of cannabis for athletes and works to combat the way the NFL punishes those who use it for health and recovery reasons. In this quote, taken from a January interview with CNN, Barber touts the importance of pushing for cannabis reform.

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