Here’s How to Store Your CBD Products to Preserve Freshness

August 8, 2018

Here are some tips to ensure your CBD products remain fresh and retain their integrity.

You’ve likely come to rely on your CBD products as an integral component to your training and competition success. Keeping your CBD products fresh is key for them to effectively stimulate your endocannabinoid system to encourage improved balance, better athletic performance, and quicker recovery.

Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding where you’ll store your CBD products so that you can improve their shelf life.

Does CBD Expire?

Many people who use our CBD products incorporate them into their daily routines and subsequently don’t have to worry about expiration dates. When CBD is a regular part of your pre- or post- workout and competition regimen, you will find you are replacing your products with fresh ones on a regular basis.

Still, you want to know that your CBD product is as fresh as possible. That is why all of our Dixie Botanicals® CBD products include an expiration date that is attached to that particular product’s batch number on their packaging.

While this expiration date can vary slightly depending on the type of product, generally it is about two years from the date that the product was manufactured.

Several factors can influence the shelf life of your CBD products. However, if stored properly, CBD oil products will last about 24 months from the date of production. Once opened, they will maintain their cannabinoid concentration and freshness for about six months, provided they’re kept away from extreme conditions.

cbd storage tips

How to Properly Store Your CBD Products

How you store your CBD products will influence how long they stay fresh. To keep your CBD products from breaking down prematurely, store them where they won’t be exposed to elements that cause cannabinoids to degrade.

There are four keys to properly storing your CBD:

  1. Pick a spot that is cool.
  2. Pick a spot that is dry.
  3. Pick a spot that is dark.
  4. Avoid unnecessary exposure to air.

Light and heat can cause CBD to degrade, which means you won’t get the maximum balancing benefit from your products. Our CBD products come in packaging that is designed to provide protection from light damage. Our Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drop tinctures, for example, are packaged in amber glass bottles.

You can further ensure the maintenance of freshness by keeping your CBD away from light and heat exposure. For example, it is not a good idea to store your CBD products near appliances that produce heat, such as an oven, space heater, or dryer.

While Dixie Botanicals® CBD products are perfect for taking on-the-go, try to not keep them in the car after you’ve arrived at your destination. Also, make sure also keep your CBD products away from a window that receives direct sunlight.

Dixie Botanicals® CBD products are also packaged in airtight bottles or containers meant to prevent exposure to outside air. Just like light and heat, air contributes to the breakdown of natural cannabinoids like CBD.

Try to keep your CBD product in its original container. If you must transfer it to another, make sure it is ideal for long-term storage. Also, be sure to always securely close your bottle’s lid or fully snap on its cap after each use.

Here are some suggested storage spots for your CBD:

  • Pantry
  • Locker
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Refrigerator
  • Basement
  • Cellar
  • Cabinet
  • Bedside drawer
  • Desk drawer

Caring for your CBD properly will make a world of difference to its longevity and potency, so take the necessary steps to keep your product in a place that will preserve its freshness.

Learn More about CBD

All types of athletes – from professional basketball players to CrossFitters — are incorporating CBD into their training regimen to boost performance and facilitate recovery. You can learn more about CBD and the line-up of CBD products from Dixie Botanicals® through our blog.

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