Taking CBD with You on Thru Hikes

December 26, 2018

Thru-hiking (or through-hiking) has become increasingly popular in the U.S. as hikers seek to get away from civilization for days, weeks, or even months at a time in order to test themselves against some of the longest and most challenging trails.

More and more, hikers are taking CBD supplements with them on their hikes to take advantage of CBD’s ability to help your body function at its peak. Whether you are setting off to hike Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Ouachita Trail, or any other number of thru-hikes here in the U.S. or around the world, taking Dixie Botanicals® CBD products with you can give you the edge you need for that extra mile, that extra peak, or to last the final few days to the end of the trail.

Here we reveal our top products to take with you on hikes, regardless of how long you’ll be out on the trail.

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Soothing Muscles and Joints

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be back home this afternoon or at the end of the summer, tired muscles and overworked joints can slow you down on the trail.

Dixie Botanicals® Salvation Balm is formulated with a combination of all-natural and botanical ingredients, including non-GMO hemp, beeswax, cedarwood oil, lavender oil, and more for a non-greasy, easy to apply topical rub designed to soothe your muscles and joints. Salvation Balm can be massaged into trouble areas, like your knees, ankles, calves, and quads, or anywhere you tend to tighten up while hiking.

When taking on a thru-hike, we recommend that you apply Salvation Balm as part of warm up routine each morning and after setting up camp each evening. Kept handy in your backpack, you can also apply Salvation Balm throughout the day whenever you take a break.

At just 1.3 ounces, each lightweight jar of Salvation Balm will take up minimal room in your pack and won’t add excessive weight to your burden.

Kicks of Energy

There is nothing worse than hitting the wall during a thru-hike, knowing you have miles to go before you reach that night’s campground and weeks to go before you complete the trail. We have what it takes to get you moving and up over that next hill.

Both our Chocolate Kicks and Sour Apple Kicks are formulated with a combination of CBD, B vitamins, and 100 mg of caffeine, about as much as a strong cup of coffee, for a lasting rush of energy without the crash from high calorie energy drinks. Looking to avoid caffeine while doing your thru-hike? Mango Citrus Kicks contain 60 mcg of Vitamin D3 instead of caffeine.

Dixie Botanicals® Kicks provide natural sources of energy to give you the pep you need to keep moving along the trail without the crash that can come from high calorie, high sugar energy supplements. Keep a couple Dixie Botanicals® Kicks in your shirt pocket for easy access to energy when you need it, all day long.

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Cutting Pack Weight

When hikers prepare for a long thru-hike, it is easy for us to become obsessed with minimizing the weight we add to our pack. When trekking for miles day after day, every ounce of weight on our back matters. This can lead us to do things like cut the handles off toothbrushes and more.

Looking for a lightweight CBD supplement that you can include in your pack without weighing you down. CBD Isolate is our purest CBD product, testing at just over 99% CBD. Sold in 1 gram jars, our CBD Isolate provides approximately 1000 mg of CBD in its tiny package.

Dixie Botanicals® CBD Isolate is also incredibly versatile. You can vape or dab CBD Isolate for fast activation. It can also be taken sublingually, allowing it to be absorbed by the mucous membranes in your mouth. Finally, CBD Isolate can be taken orally by mixing it into foods. This allows you to make your campfire meals CBD-infused.

Dew Drops Tinctures

CBD tinctures offer Dixie Botanicals® customers a portable, easy to take CBD supplement that can be taken anytime during your thru-hike. All you need to do to add CBD to your system is use the bottle’s dropper to drip Dew Drops tincture under your tongue for fast, efficient absorption.

Dew Drops come in three flavor choices: natural, cinnamon, and peppermint. Our natural Dew Drops are lightly sweetened with Stevia. If you are looking for more flavor in your CBD supplement? We use all cinnamon and peppermint oils for a naturally flavorful tincture.

Dew Drops tinctures from Dixie Botanicals® are available in either 1 or 2 ounce bottles, allowing you to decide how much weight you want to add to your pack. Many users choose the two ounce bottle when heading out on the trail for an extended hike, not just because it is twice the size, but because you also get a higher concentration of CBD in each serving from the two ounce bottle. With the 1 ounce bottle with 100 mg CBD, you get 1.66 mg of CBD per serving, while our 2 ounce bottle containing 500 mg CBD provides just over 4 mg CBD per serving.

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Planning a Thru-Hike of Your Own?

Why should you pack a CBD supplement for your next thru-hike? CBD works to promote balance and peak performance by interacting with the body’s native endocannabinoid system. Want to learn more? Click here.

Ready to place your CBD order with Dixie Botanicals®? You can shop our online store here.

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