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Benefits of Topical CBD for Athletes

You may be familiar with CBD supplements that you can eat, vape, dab, and absorb under the tongue, but did you know that not all CBD products have to be ingested? Athletes of all levels have started to discover how incorporating CBD products into their training regimen can help boost peak performance and facilitate recovery. […]

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Using CBD As Part of Your Muscle Building Routine

Making CBD a part of your muscle building routine can help keep you balanced while you lift weights and return your body back to homeostasis for better recovery after strenuous workouts. The process required for building muscle places a significant amount of stress on your body and its physiological functions. Putting on muscle mass or […]

As an Athlete, Here’s What You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD has become popular among athletes, as more discover the advantages of vaporizers and how CBD can naturally encourage peak performance. Of all the ways athletes can choose from for delivering CBD to their systems, vaping has quickly become a top choice. As an athlete, you’re rightfully conscious about the foods, beverages, and supplements […]

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3 CBD-Infused Post-Workout Recovery Smoothies

Interested in incorporating CBD into your post-training routine? Here’s how you can make our favorite CBD-infused smoothies and support better recovery. You’ve trained hard, but the day’s work is not yet over. You know how important a proper meal is to recovery. The right timing and makeup of a post-workout meal helps ensure your body […]

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Running on CBD: Can CBD Improve Your Running Performance?

CBD can help keep your body and its functions balanced while you’re out on your training runs. No matter whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or a jogging rookie, incorporating CBD supplements into your running regimen can help your body stay balanced for peak performance. Whenever you’re out for a run, a whole host of […]

The Benefits of Using All-Natural Botanical Ingredients

Dixie Botanicals® uses all-natural botanical ingredients in all of our hemp-derived CBD supplements. As someone who cares about your health, you likely spend a little more time reading nutrition labels and planning out your meal and supplement routine than most. That’s why you’ll likely appreciate that all of Dixie Botanicals® CBD supplements are carefully formulated […]

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Taking CBD Before Sport Competitions

Capitalize on the performance-boosting benefits of CBD by making CBD supplements part of your pre-competition routine. As an athlete, you’re regularly pushing your body to the limit and subjecting it to high impact and physiological stress that can lead to aches, pains, and fatigue. No matter whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who participates […]