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CBD for athletes

Having heard of how CBD oil naturally boosts athletic performance and encourages faster recovery, all types of athletes -- from professionals to weekend warriors -- are asking the question -- ‘what is CBD oil?’.

Dixie Botanicals® launched its unique hemp CBD oil in 2012, and we were the first company to create mainstream hemp-based CBD products.

Recognizing the natural benefits of CBD for athletes, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting CBD oil products to augment physically active lifestyles. Dixie Botanicals® equals top-quality CBD and provides people worldwide with the cannabinoids they need to perform at peak levels each day.

The Dixie Botanicals® line of athlete-friendly CBD products has helped to normalize CBD use worldwide. Naturally-flavored hemp CBD oil tinctures, delicious CBD edibles, convenient CBD capsules, fast-absorbing CBD vape oil, skin-nourishing CBD sunscreen, and CBD products containing non-detectable THC have elevated the playing field.

Now you can find cannabis concentrate products like our CBD oil and CBD isolate. Potent Dixie Botanicals® CBD concentrates are ideal for dabbing, vaporizing, or creating custom edibles to boost your CBD levels rapidly.

All Dixie Botanicals® products are crafted using our expertly cultivated and scientifically extracted hemp oil. A carefully chosen team of scientists, clinical herbalists, and nutritionists formulate our hemp oil products to make them the highest quality CBD you can find.

CBD for athletes


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How our CBD products are made

Dixie Botanicals® CBD products are crafted using non-GMO hemp grown by families of farmers in the Netherlands. Family-owned farmers use centuries-old cultivation techniques to grow flourishing plants without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Pure CBD hemp oil is extracted from these unique cannabis varieties that are naturally more abundant in CBD and low in THC.

A non-toxic, specialized CO2 extraction process is used to safely yield highly concentrated CBD oil that also contains other nutritious material including:

  • Essential fatty acids
  • Amino acids
  • Fiber
  • Terpenes
  • Vitamins
  • Chlorophyll
  • Iron
  • And much more!

Broad-spectrum CBD oil also contains dozens of beneficial phytocannabinoids, like:

  • Cannabichromene (CBC)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)

This CBD oil, once extracted from the plant, is then expertly formulated into products like our tinctures, vape oil, liquids, and salves.

CBD hemp oil can also be further refined into a 99 percent pure CBD isolate. You can use this powdered CBD in a number of ways, like for dabbing or creating custom edibles. All-natural isolate is used to craft our vape oil, edibles, and sunscreen.

About Cbd

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis products like hemp CBD oil, a natural botanical concentrate that is derived from the stalk and seed of hemp plants.

CBD helps athletes in their efforts to reach peak performance and facilitates faster recovery by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, a regulatory network tasked with keeping the body and its functions balanced and running optimally.

More than 100 cannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis plant so far, and CBD, along with THC, is among the plant’s most common cannabinoids. Both of these cannabinoids provide beneficial effects. However, unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating and therefore doesn’t cause a high.

Learn more by visiting What is CBD?

About Cbd
Safe and high-quality CBD products

Safe and high-quality CBD products

You can feel comfortable incorporating Dixie Botanicals® CBD products into your training, knowing that our products have been verified for safety and reliability. Our Triple Lab Testing® standard rigorously examines our CBD oil three separate times throughout manufacturing. Independent lab tests make sure that our CBD products always have the right amount of CBD, and that they're free of any contaminants.

Our hemp-derived CBD products received the first-ever certification seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority, confirming their high quality. With so many athletes and exercise enthusiasts relying on our line of hemp-derived CBD products for balance and to promote peak performance, we’re proud to have the safety and integrity of Dixie Botanicals® CBD products reaffirmed with the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification Seal.


CBD oil can come in many forms, from CBD edibles to CBD vape oil. We know that the uses of CBD oil can be as varied as the athletes who order it. That's why we offer a wide variety of CBD products, ranging in price, potency, and consumption method, to meet the needs of every athlete out there.

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About Hemp

All of our CBD products are made from hemp, a member of the Cannabis sativa L family of plants. It is a highly sustainable crop that has been cultivated for centuries. Today, it continues to be harvested for commercial use, and is a popular worldwide alternative to wasteful raw materials.

Hemp is an important source for legal cannabinoids, including CBD. If you live in the United States, you can now add hemp-derived CBD to your daily workouts and training regimen.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants, but there are key differences between the two. The hemp plant contains no more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in marijuana that causes its euphoric effect. Trace levels of THC in hemp mean that with hemp CBD products you can benefit from CBD without the intoxicating marijuana “high".

When derived from the stalks of hemp plants, CBD (cannabidiol) is considered a natural constituent of hemp stalk oil, delivering the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychotropic/euphoric effects of THC.

We have a passion for the unique botanical profile of our hemp plants. We consider our stalk hemp oil a “whole food.” Our products contain industrial hemp CBD oil extracted from the mature stalk of the hemp plant, and our unique cultivars of hemp provide significant quantities and concentrations of CBD. This hemp CBD oil contains uniquely high levels of CBD, plus the other non-intoxicating phytocannabinoids that are naturally found in hemp.

Phytocannabinoids, also known as plant-based cannabinoids, are also found in other plants like flax, cloves, hops and black pepper, but we feel that hemp offers something unique: a harmonious combination of organic plant constituents that is unique in nature. There are over 200 natural compounds found in Cannabis sativa plants. Our goal at Dixie Botanicals® is to deliver the natural goodness of hemp to you.

About Hemp
History of hemp

History of hemp

Hemp extracts have been used for many purposes dating back to ancient China, around 5,000 BC. Cannabis and hemp have been used for wellness purposes for centuries. In fact, cannabis was once classified as a medicine in the United States, and was included in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia from 1850 through the early 1940′s.

Hemp, as well as marijuana, is deeply in our American Revolutionary history. Hemp was widely grown by early American colonists to supply the British navy with canvas and fiber to outfit their ships with sails, rope, and more. They also paid taxes with it, and our Founding Fathers grew hemp. In fact, the first official flag was made with hemp cloth after we fought for and won our independence from England.

Despite centuries of hemp farming in the United States – including the hemp farms of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington – hemp agriculture was effectively banned in the country in 1937 because of the plant’s relationship to its intoxicating cousin marijuana.

Fortunately for all, as of recently hemp and hemp-derived products like CBD oil have had their legality clarified at the federal level. Hemp can now be legally grown domestically or imported into the U.S., fueling the abundance of hemp foods, hemp clothing, hemp skincare, and hemp CBD oil wellness products found online and in thousands of stores nationwide.

Only now in the 21st century are hemp and its major cannabinoid, CBD, once again being fully utilized.



Our parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc. has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry from its start in 2009. Since then, the Company of Firsts has built and perfected its CBD oil pipeline, ensuring that Dixie Botanicals® products are always safe, reliable, and accessible to everyone wherever CBD products are sold.

Learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies at MedicalMarijuanaInc.com.

Medical Marijuana Inc.


As a pioneer in cannabinoid-based health, Dixie Botanicals® is proud to support our partner charity, ECHO. ECHO is an independent, nonprofit and charitable 501(c)(3) organization connecting families in need with legal cannabidiol (CBD) products.

ECHO stands for Education, Collaboration, and Hope.

Education: ECHO brings awareness about cannabinoids to the masses with a library of thousands of clinical studies on cannabinoids.

Collaboration: Join ECHO’s private community to share and learn about the benefits of cannabinoids from others, and connect with cannabinoid-friendly doctors.

Hope: ECHO provides cannabinoid product donations as well as financial assistance to families in need.

Donate to ECHO when you order from Dixie Botanicals® and help us support families in need by completing the “Donate” section once you reach our cart page.